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A free generator of good vibes!

A free generator of good vibes!

You heard the news, everybody’s bragging about their new amazing app that lets them schedule vibes, catch and eternize your favorite moments!

You can easily download SoVibe for free on iOS (AppStore) & Android (PlayStore), and join the community. To adopt the hype is only one click away!

The most powerful generator of good memories, Sovibe comes with amazing features. Schedule your events, add a date and a place for the gathering, and invite your loved ones to join!

Immortalize the experience by taking pictures/videos and sharing them on the vibe, and find later what your friends have documented, all together in one place.

Follow your friends and loved ones’ vibes displayed on your news-feed, and have a view of the vibes on progress so you can comment, like or join. You can share your location instantly on the app, but to protect your privacy and avoid unfriendly situations, Sovibe lets you minimize the public to whom your information are displayed, and choose to schedule private vibes.

At any given moment, easily check your calendar, and instantly chat with your friends on the free, easy to use and secure messaging feature that Sovibe app provides!

Discover all the cool stuff you can experience with SoVibe and don’t be the last to adopt the Vibe attitude :

  • Create a vibe: Press for 1 second the Camera “O” button, add a place, a date and invite your friends;
  • Consult your invitations and the schedule of your vibes in the agenda button;
  • Capture photos/videos, add a description and share them in your vibes or in private, thanks to the camera feature (your photos are customizable);
  • Follow, like and comment or join the vibes of your friends;
  • Personalize your profile, add a photo and a status;
  • Share your location and Chat privately with your friends.

Sovibe is available for free on iOS , and Android. Quickly join the community!

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