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Adopt the vibe attitude!

Adopt the vibe attitude!

Schedule your vibes, invite your friends, take pictures and videos, and immortalize all your memories!

SoVibe, the free app for Android and iOS, comes with amazing features that let you schedule events called ‘’vibes’’ in the app, follow those of your family and friends, and take pictures and videos of your most special moments. Sovibe lets you invite your friends to your events (vibes), offers you a planning, and even window to chat!

With Sovibe, the most powerful generator of good vibes and special moments, not only you can plan your events, choose a date and a place for them, but you can also invite your friends to join you and take pictures/videos to immortalize these events. Moreover, you can have access to all the memories, whether taken with your smartphone or your friends’ ones, all in one place.

Furthermore, all your vibes and your friends ones are displayed on your SoVibe’s newsfeed. A green flashing below some of them lets you differentiate the vibes in progress so you can join, like them or add your comments!

Then, to let stay in touch with your loved ones, Sovibe provides an instant, easy to use and secure messaging platform to chat at any given time!

Quickly join the community and discover the outstanding features of Sovibe, available for free on iOS and Android.

With SoVibe, you can:

  • Create a vibe: Press for 1 second the Camera “O” button, add a place, a date and invite your friends ;
  • Consult your invitations and the schedule of your vibes in the agenda ;
  • Capture photos/videos, add a description and share them in your vibes or in private, thanks to the camera feature ;
  • Customize your photos and videos ;
  • Follow, like and comment or join the vibes of your friends ;
  • Personalize your profile, add a photo and a status ;
  • Share your location and chat privately with your friends.

So, what are you waiting for to adopt the Vibe attitude?

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